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Galaxy S9 Leather Case - best protection for your new Samsung

Picture of Samsung Galaxy S9 wallet cases

The latest versions of the Galaxy S series of phones have arrived, and if you’ve invested in a Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+ then you want to know how to keep it safe. A phone is an important, not to mention expensive, investment after all. The two best choices are the S9 wallet case and folio S9 leather case. Let’s take a look at the features and benefits of these phone cases for Galaxy S9.

Main Features of Galaxy S9 Leather Case

Both the S9 Folio case and the S9 Wallet case are built to fit the newest model Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ phones and available in a few different colors: brown, black, burgundy, and navy. They are made from 100% genuine leather that will age beautifully and only improve with time, as all good leather goods should.

Galaxy S9 and S 9 plus leather cases

There’s space for your credit and debit cards and cash built in to these cases, allowing you to use your phone case as an actual wallet. Device safety is key with these kinds of cases. A leather case will fit snugly around your phone to protect it from falls and spills and prevent the touchscreen from getting scratched.

Device safety is key with these kinds of cases. S9 leather cases fit snugly around your phone and their hard inner casing protects your device against drops and bumps. When closed the leather flap adds another level of safety to that curvy glass screen, not only keeping it safe from falls but also ensuring the touchscreen will get no scratches.

The Folio S9 leather case (available here) constructed with metal rivets built into the back. These rivets are secured tightly and can’t be unclipped or opened in any way. The S9 Wallet case (available here), on the other hand, has a magnetic closure to ensure your case is closed securely and also comes with a removable leather wrist strap. The cases fully support wireless charging, no need to take your phone out to charge.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9plus Folio style covers

The top benefits

1. Leather Looks Smarter.

Something that sets an S9 leather case apart from a plastic case is that they look so much better. Plastic gets scratched and has to be replaced every so often. Leather is tough and durable and can withstand pretty much everything you do to it. It’s also more naturally resistant to wear and tear.

2. No Need to Carry a Wallet.

Because an S9 wallet case has room for your driver’s license, a few credit cards, and even folded cash there’s less need to take your wallet with you when you go out. A good case can hold everything for you. It’s more convenient to have one of these cases. (See this article for more).

3. Easier to Maintain.

One problem with silicone and plastic cases is that they can get dusty and need to be cleaned. Leather cases are resistant to dust and, even if a leather case gets dirty, it’s much easier to clean than a regular plastic one.

4. Leather is Appealing.

People are naturally drawn to things made from leather. They look classy and draw the eye. People take note of something when it’s made of leather. It’s also popular because of not just how it looks, but also the smooth feel. Plastic looks cheap, while leather gives off a much better impression.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9plus Leather Flip Wallet


Leather folio and wallet cases are the best choices when it comes to keeping your Galaxy S9 in good condition. Not only does a leather case do a better job of protecting a phone, but the cases themselves look good, feel good, and are easy to maintain. They have room to keep your cash and cards freeing up room in your pockets too. Choose a leather S9 wallet case for a classy way to protect your new Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+.

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